Partners 2016

© Inria / Photo C. Morel

Inria-0242-147FreeWheels team is supported by several very important partners.
Their participation into the project includes, financial support, equipment lending,  technical advising…


BB 2008

Indoor and outdoor FES-bikes commercialization.
One BerkelBike bike was lent to us for the training of our pilot.

Technical expertise in instrumenting cycles.
One pair of power pedals were lent to us for the optimization of our activation patterns.

Technical support on trike adaptation.
Excellent advices were provide to us.

EMA - Assinatura Principal [PNG] - Transparente

Close scientific collaboration with EMA team also presenting one pilot to Cybathlon.

logo HikoB
Body Area networks, inertial sensors technology.
Inertial FOX sensors were lent to us for the tracking of our pilot performances.

Neuroglia foundation financially supports freewheels project.

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